Starting up your Professional Service Enterprise - BEF

TEKIJÄ Kari Tuominen
ISBN 9789522288035


Aligned with The Business Excellence Framework - BEF (Australia).The book describes through parallel examples how Al and Sam think and act when starting their consulting business with the help of Business Excellence Framework the ISO 9001 standard.Al and Sam have each decided to found and start up a professional service enterprise and become experts in their own fields. The book describes through parallel examples how Al and Sam go about setting up their businesses and how they act and think in their role as professional service providers. The ways in which Al and Sam think and act tell us something about the differences between their operating concepts and will help professionals to plan their own actions and thinking when they set up their own businesses."The book's examples are extremely suitable for any professional service provider. As a sales and marketing consultant I find the examples extremely apt.The book helps the entrepreneur starting out in business to analyse and evaluate his or her own actions, and it can best be used for exactly what it was written for - to help the beginning consultant with self-assessment." Related books: e-book: 978-952-228-779-3, Asiantuntija käynnistää oman yrityksen - EFQM 2010, 978-952-228-927-8, e-kirja: 952-5583-87-2

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...terprise --Reading and assessment instructions --Contents --Introduction --Principle of the book --Fundamental Concepts of Excellence --2013 --Assessment criteria --Assessment instructions --You can learn from those who have better or just different ways of working --General profile of the professional service providers serving as examples in the book --1. First, when deciding what type of service to sell, you have to consider how much money you want to earn and how much money you need to earn. If you need to earn $75,000 per year to pay your personal expenses, there is little sense in starting a dog-walking service. The planning of business activities starts with the entrepreneurial and business ideas and your business plan based on the them. You can first try your hand at entrepreneurial activity by, for example, working part-time or performing light duties. In your business you will need both professional and entrepreneurial skills. Voi ei! Hakemaasi sivua ei löydy! Etsimäsi sivu ...